About MediSure

Started in 2010 in Ajax, Ontario, Medi+Sure Canada Inc., (MediSure) is committed to bringing value to the high cost of Diabetes - both to the patient and to their insurers.

We offer great value for testing blood glucose levels in Canada. Our goal is to bring significant savings to all Provincial Drug Plans on their current test strip purchases while delivering world class training and Diabetic Patient Education support to diabetics.

Our commitment is to always combine low priced, high quality, Diabetes products in excellent value bundles.

Our affordable quality products bring economic value to the current overpriced Diabetic testing market, enabling patients and payers to reduce their healthcare spending.

Our lean operations allow us to channel support to patient education and partners. This ensures healthy profits to our investors and partners while serving the higher public good.

For more on how we are helping Canadian Diabetic patients, insurers and payers to reduce their costs, please contact us at info@medisure.ca or call 1-855-MDI-SURE (855-634-7873).